Advisory on QVR Tagging in the LIS

The facility to tag the remaining untagged Qualified Voucher Recipients in the DepEd LIS is yet to be made fully operational. Once the facility is up, the schools will be able to do the tagging by inputting either the ESC ID or QVR Certificate No. of the concerned students. The error message that is currently seen once the schools input those numbers in the LIS should lead to a reporting mechanism wherein the PEAC will be notified of the error and will be prompted to resolve the issue. This last step is still awaiting completion.

For the meantime, schools can submit billing statements for the existing QVRs. The rest may be billed once the tags appear in the system. Rest assured that PEAC will make the necessary adjustments in the billing deadline if needed.

The DepEd ICTS and PEAC National Secretariat are working hard to expedite the needed improvements in the system. Thank you for bearing with us.